Hey, we know you have an inquiring mind, and this is the place where we post our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that you don't see here, contact us and just ask!

  • Is Red Castle Beer Really All-Natural?
    YES, absolutely! We use all-natural, local ingredients from the Carbon County, PA area. Our beer has no preservatives, corn syrups or rice. We ONLY use non-GMO grains.

  • Can I currently enjoy my Red Castle Brews in bottles and cans?
    No, but we are looking into these options for the future. However, you can still enjoy your Red Castle Brews on tap at the Red Castle Brewpub or participating local drinking establishment. And, you can also pick up your favorite Red Castle Brew in a convenient and refillable 64 oz. growler at the Red Castle Brewpub or buy it in a keg from one of our distributors.

  • Do you sell and fill growlers?
    Yes, we do! Buy and fill your 64 oz. growler with your favorite Red Castle Beer. Check out our Thirsty Thursday 64 oz. Growler Special on Selected Red Castle Brews...JUST $8.00!

  • How many different varieties of Red Castle Beer do you have?
    The Red Castle Beer lineup is currently up to 16 different brews, which include: Lagers, Ales, Wheats and Seasonal Specialty Brews. Brewmaster Tony has been very busy in the brew lab!

  • Can I buy a Red Castle Brewery franchise?
    Ah, we get this question all of the time! Currently, Red Castle Brewery is an original business started by Frank Potoczak and Tony Serafino. However, Frankie P. and Brewmaster Tony are working on a future franchising plan, so the opportunity may be closer than you think! Stay tuned for further developments!

  • Is Red Castle Beer really brewed in Carbon County?
    You betcha! The Red Castle Brewery (a.k.a. Brewmaster Tony's Brew Lab) is located at 80 E. Bridge Street in Lehighton (Carbon County), PA. And, all of the fresh, all-natural ingredients for our Red Castle Beers come from Carbon County.

  • What is the deal with your Red Castle Wine Bar?
    What makes it so special?

    Hey, although we hate to say it...we know that not everyone loves beer. I mean, we have a hard time understanding why they wouldn't, but at Red Castle Brewpub, we like to include everybody...and that means those "winos," too! So, if you are a wine lover, you will want to experience the fresh taste of wine from local PA wineries on tap. Why on tap, you ask? Because a bottle of wine should be consumed in 2 to 3 days of opening...after that, your wine is considered stale. Wine on tap is a cool way to enjoy wine because it is kept under pressure and doesn't oxidize; therefore, it gives you the freshest, best-tasting wine imaginable!

  • How many wines do you have on tap and do you offer bottled wine?
    Red Castle Brewpub and Wine Bar offers 4 delicious wines on tap [2 white (dry and seni-sweet) and 2 red (dry and semi-sweet)]. Plus, we also offer bottled wine from local PA wineries, which are rotated on a monthly basis.