Frankie P's Page of Favorite Things

Frankie P. is a savvy entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has been around. the block a few times...(okay, well maybe, more than a few), but the man has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of different areas. He knows what he likes and what isn't worth the time, and he is all about helping other people grow and benefit from products, services and causes that he wholeheartedly believes in. Therefore, when Frankie P. asked for his own page to share his favorite things with all of you, he didn't have to do too much arm twisting...

Frankie P's Artisan Style Meats
Love the Kielbasa and other Old World Artisan Style Meats that the Red Castle Brewpub &
Wine Bar serves . Well, you can get these delicious, homemade meats at home or by them wholesale here.

This is a brand new page, and Frankie P. is still working on his List of Favorite Things.
Check back soon for updates!