Red Castle Seasonal Brews

Please note that our SEASONAL BREWS are only available during certain times of the year.
Please ask us for a list of what SEASONAL BREWS are currently available.


KNIGHTS OF PASSION: (Valentine's Day Wheat) Our Dunkelweissen brewed with cocoa nibs and cherries fo a wonderful cherry chocolate flavor profile. This is our late winter seasonal brew for Valentne's Day lovers. A smooth drinking dark wheat with a great finish to be enjoyed with the one you love.

KING'S MISTRESS: Our Chocolate Raspberry Porter brewed for a smooth chocolate raspberry flavor profile. 
HEADLESS KNIGHT: Our Seasonal Pumpkin Ale brewed with goose neck pie pumpkins and spiced nicely for a great tasting ale.
KNIGHT'S WATCH: Our Winter Spiced Lager brewed with roasted and caramel malts and spiced nicely for a wonderful, smooth drinking winter lager.
NORTHERN KNIGHTS: Our Christmas Ale brewed with brandy soaked figs, golden raisins and cranberries and lightly spiced for a smooth, warming winter ale.
FESTIVE KNIGHTS: Our Oktoberfest Lager brewed with pilsner and Munich malts for a smooth drinking lager.

BATTLE AXE: Our potent spring time Double Bock with rich malt backbone with a sweet finish.


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